To Whom it May Concern

This is a letter in praise of the talents of SHERWOOD. For 22 years I have been producing programs from KRON-TV as well as composing music for a variety of television programs and have won two EMMY's for musical composition. By far the finest and most versatile vocalist I have worked with is SHERWOOD. This is a rare talent!
SHERWOOD's range is exceptional and the richness of his voice is a constant pleasure, whether riffing in a falsetto or adding his own special phrasing in his lower register. His sensitivity to what he is singing about adds to the emotion and expressiveness in soft or powerful tones. His voice control is as close to perfection as you will find.
Finally, SHERWOOD is both a pleasure to work with in attitude and spirit as well as a total professional. He is serious about and devoted to his work. He has enhanced my work immensely.


Jon Fromer