SHERWOOD came of age in the creative musical environment of Berkeley, California. As an amateur, he swept the numerous singing contests in which he participated, taking first prize wherever he competed. In his first professional concert appearance, at the California Ballroom, he finished to a standing ovation. In the past nine years he has continued to astound audiences all over Northern California, in major venues such as the Plush Room and the Commonwealth Club.

This talented performer is also a skilled recording artist, studio musician and member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS). He is known to cut his vocals live, in one continuous take, without punch-ins or digital editing. He continues to do session work at studios around the Bay Area.
Primarily a romantic balladeer, SHERWOOD also skillfully interprets R & B, dance and pop material. His repertoire of more than 500 songs ranges from Broadway showtunes to traditional blues and jazz standards. He has spent nine years working with vocal coach Pat Wynne to develop his powerful voice and four octave range.

He is also an accomplished songwriter. His first CD release, My Heart, co-produced by Alex Marlowe, is now available from Romantic Records. Visit the About Romantic Records site for booking information.
The energy in his performance is youthful, while the maturity in the voice speaks of experience beyond his years. The Buzz around the Bay is growing for this startling new singing sensation.